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Mahopac Central School District Administration & Staff

179 East Lake Boulevard

Mahopac, NY 10541-1666

Phone: 845-628-3415 | Fax: 845-628-5502


Superintendent Office 

Christine A, Tona, Superintendent of Schools 

x 10500


Melody LaRocca, Secretary to Superintendent Tona, District Clerk, & Records Access Officer 

x 10550


Human Resources 

Jennifer Pontillo, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources

x 10100


Giselle Vasquez, Personnel Specialist

x 10102


Courtney Fusco, Personnel Specialist

x 10101


Business Office  

845-628-0261 fax


Alyssa Murray, Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Operations

(845) 628-3415


Peggy Cawley , Secretary to Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Operations

Ext. 10202


Jose Guevara, Treasurer

Ext. 10401


Denise Palmiotto, Tax Collector, Town of Putnam Valley

Ext. 10402


Denise Palmiotto, Accounts Payable

Ext. 10402


Steve Lauria, Purchasing Agent

Ext. 10404


Michele Bellantoni, Benefits Coordinator

Ext. 10200


Ronda Macina, Payroll Manager

Ext. 10403


Pupil Personnel and Educational Services


Ms. Karen Gatto, Interim Director for Special Education



Meagan Sullivan, Special Education Administrator, Elementary and CPSE; Falls Principal


Margaret DeFrancesco, CPSE Chairperson/School Psychologist



Lisa Cottiers, Senior Office Assistant, CPSE and OOD Placements



Kim MacNeil, Confidential Secretary to Ms. Karen Gatto



Norma Griffiths, Medicaid Clerk

x 10702


Pupil Personnel Services Falls Building

100 Myrtle Ave., Mahopac



Carol Rapport-Sommer, Interim Special Education Administrator, 

OOD Placements/Principal Falls

x 13710


Lisa Papanicolaou, Senior Office Assistant, CPSE & K-12 OOD  Placements

x 13703


MaryAnn Argento, Senior Office Assistant 

Special Education 1-6

x 13700


Kim DiGregorio, Senior Office Assistant




Curriculum (Falls Building)



Michael Tromblee, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum

Instruction and Staff Development

x 13503


Joanne Sullivan, Secretary to Michael Tromblee

x 13502


Andrea Hughes, Clerk  x 13501


Mahopac High School 9 - 12

421 Baldwin Place Road, Mahopac, NY 10541-4631

School hours: 7:20am - 2:02pm


Fax: 628-4380 (east), 628-3350 (west)

Attendance: 628-3256

Guidance: 628-3256

Night (after 3:30pm): 628-3256

Dr. Matthew Lawrence, Principal

Matthew Calabro, Assistant Principal

April Ljumic, Assistant Principal

Gary Ziegelhofer, Assistant Principal

Stephen Luciana, Director of Athletics/PE & Health



Mahopac Middle School 6 - 8

425 Baldwin Place Road, Mahopac, NY 10541-4630

School hours: 7:55am - 2:37pm

Phone: 621-1330 Fax: 628-5847

Guidance Fax: 628-2012

Attendance: 621-1312

Thomas Cozzocrea, Principal

Allyson Fallman, Assistant Principal

Patrick Keevins, Assistant Principal


Austin Road School K - 5

390 Austin Road, Mahopac, NY 10541-2777

School hours: 9:00am - 3:25pm

Phone: 628-1346 Fax: 628-5521

Attendance: 628-1346 x 2

Nurse: 628-4574 Nurse Fax: 628-3412

Night (after 4:30pm): 628-3819

Bryan Gilligan, Principal


Fulmar Road School K - 5

55 Fulmar Road, Mahopac, NY 10541-4521

School hours: 9:00am - 3:25pm

Phone: 628-0440 Fax: 628-5714

Attendance: 628-0014 x16507

Nurse: 628-3457

Night (after 4:30 pm): 628-6270

Gary Chadwick, Principal

Elizabeth Blessing, Assistant Principal


Lakeview School K - 5

112 Lakeview Drive, Mahopac, NY 10541-2316

School hours: 8:15am - 2:35pm

Phone: 628-3331 Fax: 628-5849

Attendance: 628-3331

Nurse: 628-3777

Night (after 4:30pm): 628-3330

Jennifer Pontillo, Principal

Elizabeth Blessing, Assistant Principal

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