Pupil Personnel Services

All children are capable of learning at high levels.  Each child has his or her own individual learning needs.  To help ensure that these needs are met, the Mahopac Central School District offers a full continuum of special education services and supports ranging from support offered to students in the general education setting (often through Integrated co-teaching services), to resource rooms and special class programs that provide a higher level of intensive support.  Occasionally, some students need the support of more intensive, specialized services, which are offered at placements outside of the district.  As a department, our goal is to collaborate with our students’ families in order to maximize every child’s learning potential and ensure that each child achieves his or her academic and social/emotional goals.

Dynamic Programming

Learning should be a dynamic, innovative, and student-centered process. Social and emotional growth is also a critical component to a student's educational journey.

To meet both the academic and interpersonal demands of learning in the 21st century, the Mahopac Central School District has developed supportive, innovative programs that support the whole child.


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