Welcome to the Mahopac Central School District’s Transportation Department.  Here, we oversee the day-to-day operations of your child's bus transportation, which includes busing to and from school, sports and field trips.

Our department is committed to safe and efficient transportation. For more information about department, or any related matters, please check this webpage for resources or contact the Transportation District Office at 845-628-7447.


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  • Transportation Changes Effective March 17, 2021

    The return to in-person learning may result in minor transportation schedule and bus stop changes beginning on Wednesday, March 17 when our IEP students return five days a week. Specifically, some students might experience a shift in drop-off or pick-up times, as much as 5 minutes later or earlier than they have been used to thus far this school year. Bus stop location shifts may also occur. This will mainly impact sixth graders who have not taken the bus since elementary school because middle school bus stops may not be the same as elementary stops were. 

    Please review the attached spreadsheets to determine if your student is impacted:

    Austin Road

    Fulmar Road


    Mahopac Middle School

    Mahopac High School

    If you have a specific question about your student, please email Leonor Volpe at


    A few important items to ensure the safe and timely transport of our students.

    • ALL students should be at their bus stop and ready to board the bus “5” minutes prior to the scheduled pick up time.
    • Please make sure that your address is identifiable to the bus driver either by a number on your house or your mailbox.
    • Drop off times in the afternoon are only estimated times, as many variables cause the bus to run earlier or later than planned.
    • Any request for an unscheduled change to your students’ drop off location has to be in writing and received at either your students’ school or the Transportation department by 11 am, and will be honored as long as it is an existing stop and there is seating available on the bus. You can fax, or email your request.
    • High School students will NOT be allowed to use the Middle School buses as late arrival transportation in the morning. If they miss their regular bus they will have to find alternate transportation to school.
    • Late buses for High School and Middle School will bring students’ to their neighborhood but DO NOT offer the same close bus stop that their regular buses do. There will be late bus stop information posted at both schools and with office staff, and these stops will be strictly adhered to as there will only be 3 buses from each school.
    • Under NO circumstances are parents’, or guardians allowed on the school bus.

    Thank you for your cooperation and please feel free to contact me or my assistant with any questions or concerns.  The safety of our students’ is our #1 priority.

    Stephen P. Troost-  Head Bus Driver

    (845) 628-7447


    Please be advised that requests for transportation to nonpublic schools must be submitted for review in writing on or before April 1st to the Transportation Director via the Office of Central Registration. Registration forms and information can be found on our District Website or you can call 845-628-3331, ext. 35.  It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian of a nonpublic school student to ensure a written request is filed on time. The filing of transportation requests after this date may result in the denial of the transportation request.

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