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    MCSD & PCDOH 2017 Influenza (Flu) Clinics

    Making FREE vaccination available to your child during the school day eliminates additional demand on your time and your child will be better protected from influenza. Immunizing the student helps to keep the larger community safe as well.

     The Putnam County Health Department has worked with the Mahopac Central School District to schedule the following dates to provide influenza immunization to your school community. 

    2017 school flu vaccination clinics are scheduled as follows:

    • Austin Road – 11/08/2017
    • Fulmar Road – 11/09/2017
    • Lakeview Elementary – 11/09/2017
    • Mahopac Middle School – 11/14/2017
    • Mahopac High School – 11/16/2017

    For Access to Influenza Information and Consent Forms Please Click on This Link 

    Mahopac Central School District
  • Board of Education Meeting Tuesday, 10/17

    The BOE will meet at 7 p.m. Tuesday, 10/17 for Public Session and immediately  go into Executive Session to interview counsel at the District Office.

    Mahopac Central School District
  • Upcoming Board of Education Committee Meetings

    A Building and Grounds Committee Meeting being held on Monday, Oct. 16 at Lakeview Elementary at 6:30 p.m.


    Mahopac Central School District
  • Policy Committee Meeting 9/26/17 @ 7:00 PM

    The Policy Committee of the Mahopac Board of Education will meet tonight, 9/26, at 7:00pm at the District Office. The public is welcome to attend.

    Mahopac Central School District
  • Special Board Meeting 9/21/17 @ 7:00 PM

    The Mahopac Board of Education is holding a special board meeting at the District Office that will adjourn into executive session for the purpose of discussing contract negotiations. 

    Mahopac Central School District


    If our Mahopac Community would like to submit written feedback on the
    MCSD NYS Smart Schools Bond Act Preliminary Proposed Plan, please email:

    To learn more about the Smart Bond Act FAQs and Guidelines go to:

    NYSED SSBA FAQs 07/16/15

    NYSED SSBA FAQs 10/27/15

    NYSED SSBA Guidelines

    NYSED SSBA Website

    Mahopac Central School District
  • Mahopac's K-5 Instructional Technology Night

    Save the date and join us on Tuesday, April 25 from 7-8 p.m. at Lakeview Elementary to learn from our teachers and students about what Mahopac is doing with technology in our three elementary schools. We will showcase examples of how Chromebooks, coding, and other Instructional Technologies are being used within our classrooms and after school clubs!

    Mahopac Central School District
  • Transportation Information

    All transportation information will be available on the Parent Portal beginning August 30, 2016.  If you need access to Parent Portal, contact Marie Micol at (845) 621-0656. 

    Mahopac Central School District

Health Services

Information and resources regarding health related announcements, health seminars, health advisory council, district forms, employee health benefits, and more.

School Nurses

Mahopac High School

Lynn Karst, R.N.
845-628-3256 Fax 845-621-2782


Mahopac Middle School

Alice Foley, R.N.
845-621-1330 X4 Fax 845-628-3456

**Floating NurseJill Talcovitz, R.N.


Austin Road Elementary School

Teresa Sedran, R.N.
845-628-4574 Fax 845-628-3412


Fulmar Road Elementary School

Noreen Beichert, R.N.
845-628-3457, Fax 845-628-3445


Lakeview Elementary School –

Mary Brunetti, R.N.
845-628-3777, Fax 845-621-1339

**Floating NurseMarianne Meenan, R.N

Mahopac Central School District Health Advisory Council 2013-2016


Email Address

1.John Augusta (Director of Athletics, Physical Education, & Health)

2.Kris Boyle (Health Educator, Putnam County Health Dept.)

3.Daniel Cohen (pediatrician)

4.Vince DiGrandi (middle school principal)

5.Kelly Dos Santos (LPN)


6.Anne Ellsworth (Putnam/Northern Westchester Women’s Resource Center)

7.Kathryn Ferrara (Putnam Family and Community Services)

8.Joanne Hanrahan (parent rep)


9.Mary Jo Maloney, parent rep, RN)


10.Val Nierman (health coordinator/council chair person)

11.Dr. Pat Oswold (parent rep/psychologist)

12.Dr. Satish Pai (orthodontist, Putnam County Health Coalition, instructor at Columbia University)

13.Dr. Chris Perrone (parent rep, MCSD teacher, Chiropractor)

14.Dan Rode (middle school health teacher)

15.Nicole Stiller (parent rep)

16.Kim Strang (Putnam Family and Community Services, 7th and 8th grade Too Good for Violence Prevention Educator)

17.Anne Tuite (middle school and 3rdgrade health teacher)

18.Teri Volpe (parent rep, health teacher – Lakeland)

19.Carolyn Winuk (parent rep)